A Hacked Client

Any hosting company can claim they have secure servers, this one convinced me of it.

A client had an existing website and came to us wanting a redesign.  However, in the early stages of the project the client’s existing website was hacked.  I don’t recall what host they were with, but they wanted something to provide more security than what they had.

I needed to find a “secure” host.  Of course that would be all hosts since they all say their servers are secure.  And no host is 100% secure.  So I chose by reputation and what the host stated on their website.  WPEngine at the time stated the following about their security:

  • Daily Backups
  • WordPress security updates (this was before WordPress 3.7 when automatic updates were introduced)
  • Malware Scanning
  • Firewall
  • If your site is hacked, we’ll fixed it for free

What got me was the last statement, which granted, was pretty vague, but caught my eye and would please the client.  And also the WordPress security updates was a plus too.  In a time when most WordPress installs weren’t updated automatically, this was a pretty important feature.  Besides all this, it was comforting that WPEngine was backed by Automattic, the company supporting WordPress.

Like I said before, any hosting company can claim they have secure servers.  WPEngine is the first hosting company I’ve been with that has convinced me of it.  They continuously blog about how they implement their security and explain why they do it.

Plugins are often the cause of why WordPress installations are hacked.  WPEngine stays on top of the latest news in the community and will notify you of any critical fixes so you can update any plugin you are using.  This is crazy good!  It’s like subscribing to a newsletter but only receiving the emails that pertain to you.

So this post pretty much turned into a WPEngine promotion… Not much more to say about the client’s website.  After moving to WPEngine, the site hasn’t been hacked again.  so far…

Disclaimer:  I’ve become such a fan of WPEngine that I signed up for the affiliate program and thus have affiliate links on this page and throughout my website.