Clear Cache for Me

Automatically purges all cache for you
when updating widgets, menus, settings.

W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache are great caching plugins, but they do not know when a widget is updated. WPEngine is the best place to host your WordPress installation, but their caching system is no smarter when it comes to updating widgets and menus. I created this plugin because my website did not see any changes when saving widgets or menus using these caching systems. Clear Cache For Me will purge ALL your cache each time you do a save without having to press an additional button. It may be overkill, which may be why it’s not built in, but some people need simplicity.

Works with the following caching systems:

  • W3 Total Cache
  • WP Super Cache
  • WP Fastest Cache
  • WPEngine hosting

Clears all cache for following actions:

  • When Widgets are saved
  • When Customizer is saved
  • When Menus are saved
  • When Settings from a settings page is saved.
  • When a Contact Form 7 form is saved.

There is a convenient clear cache button on the dashboard for users with the right capability. Admins (users with the ‘manage_options’ capability) can set which capability a user needs to view the button. If you are using this button often, please consider submitting a request to have this plugin do your button-pushing for you. This plugin is meant to work behind the scenes to make your life easier and less frustrating.

View it in the WordPress plugin repository: